3 Tips to Prepare for your Bridal Consultation

March 31, 2019

A bridal consultation is a really great way to meet a photographer for the first time before you make the booking leap, especially when you have a couple photographers in mind! I’ve been there, it can be SO TOUGH to decide on a photographer! So I want to help you with that decision with this quick guide on how to be prepared when meeting a photographer to talk about your big day!


  1. Go over any information they’ve sent you

Many photographers have pricing and information ready to send you when you ask for details on their services! When a bride contacts me, I provide her with my Bridal Guide, which includes information about me, my style, my pricing and payment information! It’s all outlined in the guide so you know exactly what to expect and can come to the consult with any additional questions!


  1. Have your questions ready!

This leads us right into my second tip! I’m the type of person who walks away from a meeting and my questions flood me a few hours later. This is exactly why I created the Bridal Guide, because it answered those initial questions and then you can think of more! I’m also the type to draw a blank when asked “do you have any questions?” so my big tip is to write all your questions down! Most of your questions should be answered during the consultation but there might be some questions that go unanswered and for me, it is so important you feel confident in what I have to offer you!


  1. Know your vision

Some couples want to keep things really simple and modern, while other want a big traditional wedding. Whatever comes to mind when you picture your wedding day, make sure the photographer you have in mind fits that style. If you feel awkward in front of the camera and want someone to direct you, a wedding photographer who is known for guiding couples through what poses and angles work best would be the best fit for you, rather than a family photographer who dabbles in weddings.

Is your wedding indoors? Outdoors? What kind of photos do you like? More candid photos? More posed photos? Lots of details? Are family formals really important to you? What are your colors? Knowing what you like and what kind of photos you like plays a huge role in finding the right photographer!

Not every photographer is the same and each has their own strengths and weaknesses! For me, I love the details of a wedding and bridal portraits, so if you’re wanting a candid documentary style photographer, I’m probably not your ideal photographer! And that is OK!!

Bottom line, you get what you put in! What you put into your wedding day really reflects the quality of your photos (and this includes your photography budget! But that’s another article, for another time!)



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