Mireille & Jean Luc | Yarmouth Engagement

May 18, 2019

I’ve always dreamed of capturing an engagement session in my own front yard in front of a beautiful Magnolia tree. When you have a dream, do everything possible to make it come true. When you have an opportunity, seize it.

Mireille and Jean Luc have known each other for a little over ten years, and have been together for eight. One of their favourite things to do is cook together with music and wine, so it made sense that JL chose one of these types of evenings to propose. In October, Mireille turned around to put some vegetable peelings in the compost bin and there JL was, down on one knee asking her to marry him!

It was only fitting that their session featured some of my favourite wine! This sweet couple gets married next weekend!! Congratulations Mireille & Jean Luc!


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