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May 20, 2019

Flower crowns are a super popular prop for photo sessions and weddings! They have taken the Pinterest world by storm! There’s something whimsical and girly about flower crowns that I love! When I thought about what I wanted for Sloane’s cake smash session, I knew I wanted her to wear a beautiful flower crown (maybe to hide her lack of hair! lol!) in an outdoor setting! (Spoiler: a glimpse from her session is at the bottom of this tutorial!). My amazingly talented sister created the most beautiful crown for her to wear and I can’t wait to show you how easy it was!

If you want to see the video tutorial click here

How to make a flower crown

You will need…

  • floral wire (I bought mine from Michaels)
  • floral tape (also bought at Michaels!)
  • floral wire cutters or scissors
  • greenery
  • flowers (real of faux, your choice!)

Depending on the colour scheme you’re going for or how big you want the crown to be, you can choose any kind of flower you’d like. I bought my flowers from Michaels because they have great deals on florals but there’s also beautiful flowers at local dollar stores!


First, you want to take your floral wire and form it into a circular shape. It’s easiest if you place it on your head to see how long you need the wire to be to form a loose crown around your head. You don’t want it to be too tight though since the floral tape will add some thickness to it. Cut off excessive wire, and form the rest into a circular shape. Once you have your circle, twist the wire to close the crown and add a layer of tape.

To create your flower crown, you want to tape the flowers going in the same direction to the left or the right. Make sure your flower stems are at least 2 inches long and start taking the stem to the wire. Once you decide exactly where you want the stem to sit, pull the tape as tight as you can, 4-5 times to secure it in place.

Add as many or as little flowers the rest of the crown as you’d like. We layered a few different types of flowers for a beautiful and textured look for Sloane’s crown and used the bigger flowers towards the front.

To be honest, there’s no wrong way to make a flower crown. It really depends on what occasion you’re making it for, what hairstyle you’re planning on wearing with it and what type of flowers you’re using! Making flower crowns is a great activity for a girls night!

Do you have any tips for making flower crowns?

Sloane’s Cake smash was captured by the talented Victoria LeBlanc Photography


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