Chera & Garrett | Causeway Beach Maternity Session

June 4, 2019

This maternity session was extra special because Chera is one of my closest friends. She’s not only a beautiful mama to a handsome baby boy, but an incredible maternity nurse (and I know, because Sloane would still be growing in the womb had she not been by my side!) and they are adding another bundle to their family in July!

I asked Chera how becoming a mother has changed her life and she said this; “Growing up my mother would tell me everyday, just wait until you have your own children, then you’ll understand… basically every scenario came back to that statement, whether it was my brother and I arguing, or something awesome I had accomplished in school. She would make little comments that, back then, never really clicked in my brain, what did she know anyway? She was JUST my mom. I now wish I would have written every single little thing down that she told me over the years, because nothing prepared me for the last two years of the many emotions and milestones I’ve gone through with my little boy. Being a mom is an amazing, priceless privilege, while in the same breath is the most stressful position you can ever stake claim to. You literally watch your heart walk around outside of your chest, trying to protect it (without being a helicopter parent, god forbid, all of the mom clichés). I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, and the fact that I now am able to relive the feelings all again with a second, makes me unsure of how I was so blessed in the first place ❤️”.

She is going to be an incredible mama of two. Check out the gallery below of their gorgeous maternity session at Causeway Beach in Barrington.


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