My 2019 Wedding Favourites

December 29, 2019

The year 2019 was a turning point in my photography career. I put every ounce of my creative energy to make it a year of growth and transformation. In 2019, I decided to really invest in my business and I took part in mentorship programs and courses. Having the opportunity to work with Laura Kelly was an ultimate dream come true that I made possible for myself this past year!

In October, my sacrifices, determination and hustle all became incredibly worth it when I was recognized as a Rising Star of the Year at the Yarmouth Business Awards. I had just finished my second wedding season, but it was the first summer that I was working full time as a social worker, being Sloane’s mom 24/7, shooting weddings on weekends and being a wife to Donnie. I am so obsessed with the life that I am creating through my photography business; this passion of serving clients with everything I have is something I cannot get enough of!

Each year I set goals, 2019 was a year of education, business development and I wanted to book up my 2020 wedding calendar. It is truly surreal that at the end of 2019, I can say that I am only taking on ONE more wedding in July 2020 and I am BOOKED for the remainder of the wedding season!

I love you all so much! Here’s to 2020! Please enjoy my top FAVOURITE images from the 2019 Wedding season…

Love, Chelsey


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